Public Relations

Strategy and planning goes hand in hand when creating and executing well maintained PR campaigns. Over 6-12 months, PR can massively improve your image and branding as well as increasing your lead generation dramatically.


Our belief in strong, well-written pieces and one-to-one briefings is key to consistent coverage in target press. Editors appreciate our unfailing emphasis on technologically literate writing, strong news angles and supportive follow-up. Whether it is press releases, feature articles or client case studies, we'll deliver the facts in an entertaining, readable style.


Catalyst has spent years developing strong relationships with key editors in the industry trade press. We go out of our way to make sure that your one-on-one briefings and round tables are attended by the relevant press. And, our no-nonsense approach ensures that when we talk to editors on your behalf we have relevant targeted material for their reader base.


Media Training

We appreciate that talking to the press can be daunting. But, handled well it's a great source of good coverage. And, this applies even more so when you have “bad news” to communicate. Although you shouldn't try to hide from the facts, we can work proactively to minimise the fallout. Media training is all about knowing how to talk to the press - with or without a camera present - with confidence and we will work with your company spokesperson(s) to ensure that they are comfortable in the role.