Catalyst has made substantial investments in leading-edge Internet technologies to create a unique set of e-Marketing products that can boost the effectiveness of your marketing programmes - eNewsletters, eBlasts and eSurveys.



Whether you need to retain existing customers and nurture prospects or simply replace print-based direct marketing collateral, Catalyst provides the perfect solution - the most complete package for Internet-based, permission-marketing available today.

Uniquely flexible, our powerful eNewsletter software allows us to tailor the 'look and feel' to co-ordinate with any corporate style.

Generating higher enquiry rates in much shorter timescales than traditional print, our software tracks the reading habits of every single recipient, 24-hours a day, so you can customize future mailings to target more people.

Our 'Made to Measure' service can deliver a totally bespoke, professionally managed, electronic newsletter or direct mail piece in hours.


Market Research

  • Are my customers happy with the service and support that I provide?
  • What can I do to improve my market share?
  • Is my product correctly specified for the market I want to target?
  • Launch here or launch everywhere?
  • What are my competitors doing?

These questions and more can be answered by eSurveys.

A sophisticated on-line interviewing capability, our user-friendly, Internet-enabled surveys use Catalyst's proprietary technology to email large communities, enabling them to respond and participate through 'live' on-line surveys.

eSurveys wraps this powerful technology within a classically simple screen interface. Elegant, clean forms with clear questions and easy-to-understand navigation, including a progress bar on every page. Beautifully simple pages that can contain up to 20 different types of questions.

Advanced features include password protection, skip patterns, randomized ordering, response recall, interim result reporting, visually appealing multimedia content and multi-language capability. The result is high take-up rates and data that delivers meaningful results.