Catalyst to do some 'Heavy Lifting'

Advance Personal Training comes to Catalyst for help in launching new online home fitness training concept.

Sep 1, 2013

Leading Personal Training Company - Advance Personal Training Ltd - has launched a new online training service complete with INSPIRATIONAL ideas you can use at home or in the gym. It includes new training methods and mind blowing workouts with demonstrations of the best techniques. The concept also includes training & coaching tips, nutritional advice, delicious recipes & menus, all tied up with Jon Morgan’s personal support and all the motivation you’re going to need!

Founder and MD of Advance Personal Training, Jon Morgan, says, “The background for launching the new online training concept is to help people who may not have the time, the money, confidence, or even be old enough, to attend a gym or train regularly. Even people, who do regularly train, often get to a stage where they run through the same routine over and over never seeing the results they so desperately crave! This is often down to lack of motivation and support, and not being educated about what specifically is best for them. They are in need of our approach, building on two main keys to success; CONSISTENCY – you have to keep training, and PROGRESSIONS - you have to keep challenging yourself. The new tailored training programs and weekly workouts are therefore specifically designed to suit YOUR goals. Whether you are looking to lose a few extra pounds, build muscle, get fitter or feel healthier, the Online Training service will provide all the tools, support and advice you need to help you achieve your goals safely, quickly and successfully.”

The new Online Training concept is the result of a six month business development process, as Jon felt that there was a hole in the fitness market for people who wanted to train at home, at their convenience, and save time and money in the process.

One of Advance Personal Training’s clients, Vibeke Ulmann, MD of a Technology Communications and Consulting Company says, ”Although I have very limited time to train, as my job takes me all over the country, a daily training regime has always been a priority for me. As I was recently diagnosed with bone cancer stage IV, it became evident that my old training regime would no longer be sustainable or appropriate. I contacted Jon, and he has devised a new training regime which is specific to my particular condition. It’s even HARDER and more challenging that what I used to do, with the aim to continue to develop muscle support for the ‘apparatus’. Although it’s hard work, it’s also fun, and I only have to train 3 times per week – as opposed to every day as I previously did. After 3 months, I can happily say that I have never been in better shape, I haven’t had a single sick day and I still work full time. I have no doubt that being able to do my training my sessions whilst having my particular condition treated is a huge boost to my self-confidence as it makes me feel in control of my decease, which in turn encourages me to continue to have a positive outlook on life. Oh, and I have lost weights as well, so I feel really happy with what we have achieved so far.

Advance Personal Training’s new Online Service is available now. If you would like to sample the service or subscribe simply visit