Client Testimonials


"Catalyst Communications has managed to get up to speed with our business very quickly, and has been incredibly helpful in our business development efforts. They’re much more than a PR agency: they come up with new ideas as to how we can further enhance the Limetec Group image and brands, and work with us to make the most of our position as leaders in the eco-efficient building sector."
Wayne Humphreys, Limetec Group MD


"Catalyst is an outstanding PR resource. My experience has been that PR firms make introductions but leave most of the work to my internal marketing team. In a refreshing contrast, Catalyst not only leverages their excellent editorial relationships to create a variety of brand positioning opportunities but also actively works with my team to craft our messages for optimum impact. Moreover, more than once, Catalyst has taken the initiative to pro-actively prepare drafts of material, greatly easing our burden to deliver powerful communications on tight time lines. Catalyst far and away delivers the best value for money of any PR group with whom I have worked in my career as a marketing executive."
Dr. Todd Rockoff, Executive Director, HDcctv Alliance Limited


"Shackleton companies have worked with Catalyst PR on more than one occasion. We have been impressed by the team’s energy, dedication and persistence. Over the years Catalyst PR results have been outstanding. I am happy unhesitatingly to recommend the team to anyone considering working with them."
Deborah N. Hudson, Partner Shackleton Ventures


“I was a PR sceptic before working with Catalyst but the relationship they forged transformed my opinion of the value of public relations. Their ability to execute is excellent.”
Alan Hayes - Founder & Managing Director, AMG Systems


"You created an award winning, marketing communications programme that has very impressively raised the profile of AMG. It has been gratifying to see the positive citations of AMG’s work in various trade publications.”
David Hudson – Investment Director, Strathdon


“I have worked with many of the UK’s top PR agencies but none has matched Catalyst’s flair, understanding, wish for involvement, or speed of reaction.”
Brian Davies - Marketing Director - Celtech


“A seismic change going from 2 journalists per press conference to 20+.”
John Goodyear - Fujitsu Europe


“By challenging us and actively suggesting an alternative or improved approach, you prompt us to think outside our comfort zone.”
John Gray - Sales & Marketing Director, Mentec


“The most successful press conference in the history of the company. When your channel tells you to cut your advertising as the PR company is doing such a good job, you know something is right.”
Ali Demin - Sales & Marketing Director - Samsung


"At their initial pitch it was obvious that they had done a great deal of research, but the most impressive thing was they carried on after winning the account and went to great lengths to keep abreast of our rapidly-changing market. I was also delighted to find a refreshing lack of the “BS” factor. And, Catalyst never seems remotely bothered about tight deadlines - they just hit them as a matter of course!”
Patrick Hudgell - MD - Black Box


"I had to choose between PR and advertising, and PR with Catalyst won hands down. It is vital to ensure that key messages are crisply and consistently communicated and image and visibility maintained in the marketplace."
Justin Carter - SSEYO